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We currently shoot with a wide range of cameras. We have three digital SLR cameras that accept interchangeable lenses and these are our primary cameras for shooting our weddings, portraits and most of our landscapes. We also have 35mm SLR film cameras, a Medium Format film camera and a Large Format film camera.  For underwater photos we have Olympus mirrorless cameras and housings and use Light and Motion Video Lights for underwater lighting.


Our newest camera is the Nikon D500, a 21 megapixel SLR with video shooting capabilities.  It goes  nicely along with our Nikon D750, a 24 megapixel SLR also with video shooting capabilities.  


Our Nikon D3 digital SLR camera is a 12+ megapixel digital camera that is capable of shooting at up to 11 frames per second! The 12 megapixel sensor results in file sizes that are rather large and makes the enlargements from this camera incredible. We are able to make excellent quality enlargements to 24" x 36" and beyond. The quality and tonal range is excellent! Being able to shoot at 11 frames per second is great for shooting sports photography when the action is moving fast and it is also great to capture a bouquet in mid-air during the bouquet toss or the single guys dodging the garter belt.


All three of these cameras (the D500, D750 and D3) use interchangeable lenses. We currently have a range from 16mm (ultra wide angle) to 500mm (super telephoto) and everything in between. This gives us the ability to take pictures of everything from large groups at a wedding to Grizzly bears (at a safe distance!).


Our Medium format camera is a Mamiya given to me by my father as a gift with the condition that I NEVER sell it. The film in this camera (also called 2 and 1/4" film) is about 2.5 times bigger than 35mm film, so the enlargements are even bigger and better. We use the Fuji Velvia and Fuji Pro 160C film in this camera. We have a range of lenses for this camera also, including a 145mm soft focus lens that has a variable amount of softness dial. This lens has provided excellent results for weddings as it gives that soft look to your pictures. Also by special request we will shoot this camera at weddings in either black and white or color for our customers.


Our Large Format Camera is borrowed from my dad for a while (until he asks for it back:). It uses film that is 4" by 5". I have mostly used the Fuji Velvia in this camera along with some black and white film. I enjoy using this camera because it makes me slow down and think about what I am doing. You make every shot count and because of it's set up when you look through the camera everything is upside down and backwards. I have to use a dark cloth to see in the daylight and I have to load my film in a black bag. It is a lot of fun and takes me back to the old days of having to think about everything I do, calculate exposure and try and figure out that upside down and backwards thing.


We have an entire host of accessories for our cameras including high quality flashes, tripods and filters etc.